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Global Tender Management System

GTM-Trek is a powerful application designed to manage the critical Procurement stage of the Logistics Management Lifecycle. It generates and processes complex tenders for shippers and carriers in a consistent and efficient manner, enabling analysis, optimization and better strategic decisions.

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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs

  • Use GTM-Trek! to manage your bid process.
  • Capture all responses independently for comparison in total, by trade lane, business unit or individual point pairs.
  • Leverage your rate data as source to auto-complete tenders ten times as fast.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Automatically generate the tenders from your shipping profiles, whether historical or forecasted, or both.
  • Enable providers to upload their own responses and manage their own tenders online.
  • Automatically populate rate database with tender results.
  • Manage by exception based on rate status.
  • Clone tenders with ease for simple distribution.
  • Map incoming RFIs to your standard templates for consistent use by your employees and agents.
  • Export into the original format with the reverse mapping tool.

Improve Control and Processes

  • By allowing both off-line and online changes and permission-based view segmentation you can delegate review and exception handling to local competence centers.
  • Analyze the tenders against shipment profiles to determine bottom-line impact using the WISA engine.

Key Features

  • Web-service enabled and SOAP 1.1. compliant (like all products in the PLTX suite)
  • The ability to convert and manage incoming RFP and RFQ documents upon receipt.
  • A knowledge base to answer frequently asked questions with direct cut and paste.
  • A common platform to your Field Offices in order to complete the data in a consistent fashion.
  • Lookup and auto-complete support for standard selling rates.
  • Management reports on a field and corporate level in order to ensure timely completion.
  • The ability to handle User-dependent views based on responsibility for enhanced efficiency and security.
  • Export functions for the consolidated rates into the target format.
  • Exception reporting to catch unusual data variances (e.g. rates below 80% suggested selling rate).
  • Yield-Trek! analysis to determine profitability (optional).

How it Fits

GTM-Trek! integrates with Freightgate's Tariff-Trek! and WISA to provide a comprehensive Global Sourcing Management tool that takes the complexity out RFQ generation and procurement of global transportation services.