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The Freightgate Universe is comprised of easy to deploy application modules.
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  Pricing & Quote Management. Optimize Tariff and Contract Rate Management for your global network. Rapid online quotations to shippers based on requested service. Immediate retrieval of transportation costs and service data. Dashboard provides view of activity, performance, history and trends. Configurable metrics reporting.
  Demand & Capacity Management. Manage shipper allocations across your network. Solve space allocation problems. Optimization modeling. Maximize Revenue with intelligent route scheduling. Full Reporting and configurable metrics.
  Tender Bid Management. Cloud-based technology automates RFQ/RFP Response with system-wide collaboration. Intelligent format mapping capabilities. Reply quickly and accurately to shipping tenders. Configurable for bid rules, parameters with ability to create sceneries to calculate profit margins and capability conflicts.
  Freight e-Invoicing. Automated invoicing and account settlement. Configured to meet your specific needs. Reduce labor cost, inherent errors of manual invoicing. Enables stronger cash management. ERP compatible.
  Shipment Tracking. Optimize the visibility and sharing of vital shipping details. Provide shippers with collaborative status feeds with real-time tracking based on multiple parameters. Dashboard provides view of activity, performance, history and trends. Monitor performance metrics.
  Business Intelligence. Transportation Planning & Execution with Scenario Analysis of pricing, service level, and capacity optimization.
  Ocean Regulatory Services. ISF, FMC, Denied Person Screening, FMC Tariff Compliance, Tariff & Sailing Schedule Publishing with FMC VOCC & NVOCC Compliance.
  Vehicle/Truck Route Planning with Delivery Scheduling
  Carbon Footprint Visibility & Tracking
  Custom Applications for Shipper CRM-ERP Interface
  Custom Applications to improve Global Visibility and Workflow
  Custom Applications for KPI Measurement / Metrics Monitoring
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