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Contract and Rate Management Execute

Tariff-Trek! is the answer to the long standing problem of carrier service contract management, distribution and organization. By replacing countless pages of inconsistent and difficult to understand rates with an interactive, searchable and web-enabled solution, you will gain a whole new level of productivity and win more business in the process.

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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs

  • Optimal rating and routing decisions -- all modes of transport , by leg, for a given move.
  • Best service/cost decisions -- capture total, end to end shipment cost for complex (up to five leg) moves.
  • Integrated surcharge and accessorial rates -- make certain total transportation costs are included in your delivered price calculations.
  • Integrated Request for Proposal tool -- GTM-Trek! -- easily prepare, distribute, upload and compare transportation proposals from multiple carriers to develop the best cost options.
  • "What If Scenario Analysis" (WISA) -- compare various supply chain scenarios to optimize sourcing, routing, and other supply chain components including carrying cost, duties and fees, to develop the most optimum network.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Internet accessible data base of all your rates allowing visibility and access to these rates by your remote offices and trading partners.
  • Electronically send your supply chain partners accurate routing and cost information via the Internet.
  • Document Management Engine to electronically store and access hard copies of contracts, terms, rates, and necessary reference documents.
  • Robust tender management tool -- GTM-Trek! -- to reduce the time and effort required to prepare and review complex requests for transportation rate proposals.

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Optimal rating and routing generates savings that can be passed along to customers.
  • Faster delivered cost quotes to customers improve probability for sales and repeat business.

Key Features

  • Multi-modal - handling Air, Ocean, LTL, FTL Truckload, Rail and Barge in any combination at the shipment level.
  • Five Leg Routing Engine for complex global moves - comparing modes, carriers, rates, service levels and equipment types.
  • Quote Basket quickly gathers the information your customer wants on the fly.
  • Seamless Quote Generation and Transmission with I-Quote! - formats Quote Basket information into an easily edited and customized quote for electronic transmission to the customer.
  • Quote Tracking and Version Control - Ensures the entire enterprise handles quotations for specific customers in a coherent and consistent manner.
  • Business Intelligence Tool - Gives a clear, convenient history of closure rate, yield and trends by customer, sales rep, geography and more.
  • User Friendly Data Upload and Download - compatible with MS Excel and other formats.

How it Fits

Tariff-Trek! combined with Freightgate's I-Trek! , PO-Trek!, Pay-Trek!, GTM-Trek! and WISA provides comprehensive Transportation Management, Supply Chain Collaboration, Globe Sourcing and Planning with S&OP Connectivity.