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Pre-built S&OP Connectivity

In order to make it easier we have pre-built Web-Services connections to some S&OP solutions. Research has shown that connecting S&OP with inventory intransit will add $$$ directly to your bottom line

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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs

  • Provides integrated visibility for clear and sound decision-making.
  • Helps position and time the supply of the right aggregate levels of goods, services, capacities, and financing in accordance with up-to-date demand planning expectations.
  • Proactive re-balancing of looming out-of-balance conditions.
  • Better customer service levels and reduced inventories.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Integration of financial planning and operational planning.
  • Allows managers to devote a greater percentage of their time to grow the business instead of firefighting and expediting.
  • Improved Communications

Key Features

  • Called "top management's handle on the business."
  • Better understanding of demand and capacity constraints.
  • Proactive versus reactive.
  • Enhanced Teamwork.

How it Fits

S&OP Connectivity allows for integrated visibility across Freightgate’s PLTX Platform.