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Freight Invoice Management - Audit & Pay

Pay-Trek! brings the Freightgate Universe Platform full circle with powerful pre-audit and payment capability. Building off of our industry leading Computer Aided Rating and Routing (CARR) engine, Pay-Trek? ensures that you receive the services that were promised at the agreed upon rates. Protect your cash flow by catching overcharges before payment rather than after.

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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs

  • Lower transportation spend by eliminating overcharges.
  • Improve cash-to-cash cycle by catching errors in pre-audit rather than trying to recover cash through post-audit.
  • Enhance competition and accountability by making invoice accuracy a PKI in carrier evaluation and selection.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Eliminate the cost of outsourced post-auditing.
  • Reduce data entry and manual look-ups through integration with Tariff-Trek! and Web service enabled communication with external systems.
  • Reduce phone calls and e-mails by giving suppliers role appropriate Web access to their invoice information.
  • Eliminate fax costs with the built-in Document Management Engine (DME).
  • Reduce document storage and archive retrieval cost with the DME and electronic archiving.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Rules Engine - ensures invoices are rated based on the rates, surcharges, accessorials and other charges that applied at the time of shipment origination.
  • Duplicate Invoice Logic - Identifies virtually all duplicate invoices based on a variety of business rules, events and parameter combinations.
  • Data Integration and EDI - Can receive electronic invoices and communicate with customer accounting systems via any means available in the market today - including standard EDI, flat files, XML and SOAP.
  • Data Uploader - Streamlines paper invoice processing.
  • Payment Plan - Provides summary and detail information on invoices that have been approved for payment.
  • Exception Management Interface - Provides a clearing house for customers to view and disposition invoices that require intervention.
  • Approval Work Flow - Part of the Exception Management process, enables authorized personnel to quickly approve/reject charges that are not in the rate database.

How it Fits

Pay-Trek! brings the Freightgate PLTX Platform full circle. Pay-Trek! integrates with Freightgate's Tariff-Trek!, I-Trek!, PO-Trek!, WISA and S&OP to provide comprehensive Transportation Management, Global Sourcing Management and Supply Chain Collaboration along with pre-audit and payment capability to protect your cash flow.