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Shipment/PO Tracking and Tracing Monitor & Control

I-Trek!® is a powerful supply chain visibility application designed to sharpen your competitive edge by providing tracking and tracing and event management information along the entire supply. I-Trek! lets you utilize the Internet to collaborate with your customers and trading partners by sharing vital shipping information. It enables all parties to simultaneously update the status of a shipment or to track a shipment by multiple parameters including Billing Reference, Shipper Reference, Consignee Reference, PO Numbers, Shipment Status, Date Range and much more. By providing a vehicle to incorporate freight costs with inventory carrying costs and other cost components, I-Trek® will give a customer the decision support tools to make landed cost decisions that can have a major impact on bottom line performance.

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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs

  • Drive down in-transit inventory and buffer stocks through increased visibility and predictability to the sku level.
  • Eliminate demurrage and detention with collaborative last leg management.
  • Spur supplier competition on both service and price using real time comparative KPIs.
  • Reduce stock outs, production stoppages and warehouse operation costs through dynamic scheduling of inbound goods.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Centralize supply chain and logistics information on one platform across providers.
  • Manage by exception, rather than waste precious hours each day reviewing shipments and orders that are moving as planned.
  • Use the Document Management Engine to electronically store and access hard copies of bills, letters of credit, invoices, instructions and other necessary reference documents.
  • Give customers and suppliers controlled access to the information they need rather than being mired in phone calls, emails and faxes.
  • Generate shipping profiles to inform carrier negotiations and tenders.

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Delight your customers with predictable and transparent on-time performance.
  • Increase supplier accountability and gain negotiation leverage through periodic KPI analysis and review.
  • Identify internal improvement opportunities by facility or business unit.

Key Features

  • Interface with your shipping system via I-Trek! Activator/J or I-Trek! Activator/WS (web services, SOAP 1.1).
  • Event driven email alerts in multiple formats.
  • Seamless integration into Tariff-Trek! and Sea-Trek!, giving you status information directly from more than 70 airlines and 11 steamship lines.
  • Customized look and feel - to make it a part of your web-presence, we apply your logo and color scheme and arrange the columns in the reports based on your specification.
  • Download directly into MS-Excel.
  • I-Trek!, like all Freightgate applications, is multi-lingual.
  • Wireless extensions are available for various platforms.

How it Fits

I-Trek! combined with Freightgate's Tariff-Trek!, PO-Trek!, Pay-Trek!, and WISA provides supply chain tracking and tracing visibility with Supply Chain Collaboration and Performance Management.