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Freightgate's Tariff-Trek! is the flexible answer to the long standing problem of ocean carrier service contract management, distribution and organization. By replacing countless pages of inconsistent and difficult to understand rates with an interactive, searchable and user friendly web-enabled solution, you will gain a whole new level of productivity.

Now, imagine the power of Tariff-Trek! in the "palm" of your hands. Tariff-Trek! Anywhere takes the industry-leading Tariff-Trek! functionality "on the road", perfect for a Palm VII or VIIx or any Palm OS PDA with web clipping. Sales people and executives can search all contract rates with the same flexibility available to them at their desk.

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The Query screen is shown to the right:
See the Result Screen
See the Detail Screen

If you want to learn more about Tariff-Trek! Anywhere, send us an email at sales@freightgate.com or call us at (714) 799-2833

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