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 3. Your responsibilities and legal obligations:
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As a Forwarder you have a fiduciary responsibility to the Insurer and to those you offer Ocean Marine cargo insurance. A "fiduciary relationship" is developed when a person relies on, or places confidence, faith or trust in another person's advice, or actions, particularly when finances or assets are at stake.

To Your Client: As a Forwarder, if your actions lead to a loss for your client that the client had not foreseen, or a risk the client had not accepted, you may be held liable.
To Your Insurer: As a Forwarder, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the Insurer to handle all transactions involving the Insurer responsibly, ethically, to keep records, and to remit premiums when due.

Failure to place insurance when requested may result in you as the Forwarder being held liable for any loss or claim.
There may be additional obligations, legal or moral, incurred.

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