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 13. Claims legal obligations:
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Please keep in mind that the Claims Adjuster, the Surveyor, Claims Office personnel, and others involved with the processing of any claims have fiduciary responsibilities to make sure they have complete, total, and accurate information.

They must "Warrant" that any information they provide or disburse is accurate.
They may be held legally liable for any incorrect information.
The facts provided by you as Forwarder are also "Warranted" to be accurate.

Therefore, the claims process can be slowed when any one link in the chain is not providing, or is waiting for, facts, evidence, or documents.
Each person in the chain of steps in the processing of a claim can be legally liable for the accuracy and completeness of any information they gather, provide, or process? and must be careful.

1. When your client notifies you of a possible claim, be careful that you follow the instructions on the "In Case of Damage" page of the insurance Certificate. Failure to exactly follow all the instructions may negatively affect claims payment.
2. Remind your client/shipper to follow all instructions on the "In Case of Damage" page of their Certificate of Insurance.
3. If you use our Internet-based cargo insurance service, we require that you report claims. Log into the site with your User-ID and Password and choose "File a Claim" from the menu. Give us all information you have. Additional information can be added later. Until you "File A Claim" online, Underwriters and Claims office are not aware of the claim.
4. For all claims with estimated damages in excess of USD 500.00, you or the claimant MUST call the surveyor listed on the Certificate.
5. Within two business days you should receive an email from Claims Office detailing what information is needed and what steps are required to process the claim.
6. If you have any questions about what to do, contact Claims Office for an official ruling on how to proceed.
7. Always follow the instructions of Claims Office. They take precedence over anything written here, but I offer this as a guideline. I have found it seems to work best if you obtain ALL documentation requested. Once you have gathered all of the information Claims Office has requested, I suggest you make one copy for your files, make one copy for me to place in your files at the Allen Insurance Group, and send the original documents and documentation you have collected to Claims Office. This eases claims processing and speeds settlement. When information arrives in several installments, it is easier for documents to be misplaced or misfiled.

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