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 12. Typical ocean marine claim timeline:
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This is an example of a simple claim. Each claim is unique. Always follow the directions listed on the "In Case of Damage" page of the Insurance Certificate and any additional directions given by Claims office or Underwriters.

1. Consignee discovers damage at delivery (for Concealed Damage, see below)** Day One

2. Consignee notes damage on the delivery slip when slip is signed Day One

3. Consignee notifies forwarder Day One

4. Consignee or forwarder notifies all carriers of possible claim for damage One to Three days

5. Consignee or forwarder calls Surveyor if damage is estimated at more than USD 500 Day One

6. Forwarder logs in and reports claim online under "File A Claim" Day One

7. Surveyor arrives and inspects damage One to Three days

8. Surveyor gathers all evidence from Consignee, Carriers, and all other parties 1 to 4 weeks

9. Surveyor sends complete file to Claims office One week

10. Claims office reviews file and may seek clarification of any evidence that is unclear One week

11. Once clear determination of cause of damage, value of damage, and extent of coverage under the wordings of the insuring contract, Insurers remit payment where owed One week

** In the case of Concealed Damage!
Sometimes a box may not be damaged, but goods within are broken.
Follow directions on the "In Case of Damage" page of the Certificate.
Cease unpacking immediately.
If damage is valued at more than USD 500.00, call Surveyor.
Retain all packing material from the box or container that held damaged goods.
Notify carrier of damage within 3 days of delivery.
If at all possible, take pictures to document damage.
Notify forwarder immediately so they can File A Claim.

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