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 11. Claims management:
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* No claim can be processed until ALL information is gathered.
* Only the Insurer or its designee has the legal authority or right to make any statement regarding the settlement, speed, or actions regarding any claim.
* The Insurer has a legal obligation to pay any legitimate claim according to the terms and conditions of the coverage purchased.
* The Insurer also has a legal obligation to its stockholders not to disburse settlement funds until all the facts are known, and a reasonable determination of claims resolution can be made.
* Ocean Marine insurance claims must be settled within 12 months, or they face what is known as a "Time Bar" at which time the coverage is considered void.

Each claim is unique. I have had simple claims settled within three weeks of their being reported. I have had two claims that took a full year to be settled. Following procedures speeds settlement. Confusion slows the process, for each person involved with the claim must be certain of the accuracy of the information they pass along or they may be liable for any error.

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