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The Freightgate Universe is comprised of easy to deploy application modules.
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  Customer Self-Service Center
  Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration
  Transportation Spend Management & Rate Management
  Transportation Procurement & RFQ/RFP Quotation Response
  Audit & Pay Freight Invoices & e-Invoicing
  Shipment and Purchase Order Tracking with Performance Metrics
  Business Intelligence. Transportation Planning & Execution with Scenario Analysis.
  Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2 Compliance)
  Ocean Regulatory Services. Denied Person Screening, FMC Tariff Compliance, Tariff & Sailing Schedule Publishing.
  Carbon Footprint Visibility & Tracking
  Vehicle/Truck Route Planning with Delivery Scheduling
  Custom Applications for Product Tracking, Returns, Compliance, and Recycling
  Custom Applications for KPI Measurement / Metrics Monitoring
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