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  Electronic Freight Management (EFM) Case Study in collaboration with Transport Canada and Port of Qingdao
  Freight Procurement (Ocean Tender Whitepaper)
The Freightgate Universe is comprised of easy to deploy application modules.
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  NVOCC Negotiated Rate Agreement (NRA) Self-Service Center
  Predictive Analytics for Logistics Management
  SpotQuote Module. Quickly route, price and spot-quote shipments for various modes of transportation
  Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration
  Transportation Spend Management & Rate Management
  Transportation Procurement & RFQ/RFP Quotation Response
  Audit & Pay Freight Invoices & e-Invoicing
  Shipment and Purchase Order Tracking with Performance Metrics
  Business Intelligence. Transportation Planning & Execution with Scenario Analysis.
  Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2 Compliance)
  Ocean Regulatory Services. Denied Person Screening, FMC Tariff Compliance, Tariff & Sailing Schedule Publishing.
  Carbon Footprint Visibility & Tracking
  Vehicle/Truck Route Planning with Delivery Scheduling
  Custom Applications for Product Tracking, Returns, Compliance, and Recycling
  Custom Applications for KPI Measurement / Metrics Monitoring
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